Countries Serving

Flag Country Normal rate (annual) * Educator rate (annual) § More
AL Albania L30463.98 L15231.48 More
AD Andorra €246.41 €123.20 More
AO Angola Kz197015.38 Kz98504.41 More
AG Antigua & Barbuda EC$810.74 EC$405.36 More
AR Argentina AR$25933.92 AR$12966.53 More
AM Armenia ֏156169.39 ֏78082.09 More
AU Australia AU$388.76 AU$194.37 More
AT Austria €246.41 €123.20 More
BS Bahamas B$299.99 B$149.99 More
BB Barbados Bds$599.98 Bds$299.98 More
BY Belarus $299.99 $149.99 More
BE Belgium €246.41 €123.20 More
BZ Belize BZ$604.98 BZ$302.48 More
BJ Benin CFA161633 CFA80814 More
BO Bolivia Bs.2066.41 Bs.1033.17 More
BA Bosnia & Herzegovina KM482.02 KM241.00 More
BW Botswana P3292.75 P1646.32 More
BR Brazil R$1640.08 R$820.01 More
BG Bulgaria лв.481.86 лв.240.92 More
BF Burkina Faso CFA161633 CFA80814 More
BI Burundi FBu585280 FBu292630 More
KH Cambodia ៛1216460.06 ៛608209.76 More
CM Cameroon CFA161633 CFA80814 More
CA Canada CA$299.99 CA$149.99 More
CV Cape Verde CVE27299.09 CVE13649.09 More
TD Chad CFA161633 CFA80814 More
CL Chile CL$218272 CL$109133 More
KM Comoros CF121676 CF60836 More
CG Congo - Brazzaville CFA161633 CFA80814 More
CR Costa Rica ₡183448.03 ₡91720.96 More
HR Croatia kn1865.37 kn932.65 More
CU Cuba $299.99 $149.99 More
CY Cyprus €246.41 €123.20 More
CZ Czechia Kč6439.33 Kč3219.56 More
CI Côte d’Ivoire CFA161633 CFA80814 More
DK Denmark Dkr1833.47 Dkr916.71 More
DJ Djibouti Fdj53432 Fdj26715 More
DM Dominica EC$810.74 EC$405.36 More
DO Dominican Republic RD$17429.42 RD$8714.42 More
EC Ecuador $299.99 $149.99 More
SV El Salvador $299.99 $149.99 More
GQ Equatorial Guinea CFA161633 CFA80814 More
EE Estonia €246.41 €123.20 More
SZ Eswatini L4472.85 L2236.35 More
FJ Fiji FJ$610.99 FJ$305.48 More
FI Finland €246.41 €123.20 More
FR France €246.41 €123.20 More
GA Gabon CFA161633 CFA80814 More
GM Gambia D15486.98 D7743.23 More
GE Georgia GEL992.97 GEL496.47 More
DE Germany €246.41 €123.20 More
GH Ghana $299.99 $149.99 More
GR Greece €246.41 €123.20 More
GD Grenada EC$810.74 EC$405.36 More
GT Guatemala Q2335.03 Q1167.48 More
GN Guinea FG3049857 FG1524877 More
GW Guinea-Bissau CFA161633 CFA80814 More
GY Guyana GY$62792.43 GY$31395.17 More
HT Haiti G22046.49 G11022.88 More
HN Honduras L7280.76 L3640.26 More
HU Hungary Ft88158.07 Ft44077.56 More
IS Iceland Íkr38698.71 Íkr19348.71 More
IE Ireland €246.41 €123.20 More
IL Israel ₪981.75 ₪490.86 More
IT Italy €246.41 €123.20 More
JM Jamaica J$43580.81 J$21789.68 More
JP Japan ¥31134 ¥15567 More
KI Kiribati $299.99 $149.99 More
KG Kyrgyzstan С̲25175.89 С̲12587.53 More
LV Latvia €246.41 €123.20 More
LS Lesotho L4466.85 L2233.35 More
LR Liberia LD$51148.29 LD$25573.29 More
LI Liechtenstein CHF265.56 CHF132.78 More
LT Lithuania €246.41 €123.20 More
LU Luxembourg €246.41 €123.20 More
MG Madagascar Ar1131261 Ar565612 More
MW Malawi MK231592.24 MK115792.26 More
MT Malta €246.41 €123.20 More
MH Marshall Islands $299.99 $149.99 More
MU Mauritius Rs11924.60 Rs5962.10 More
FM Micronesia $299.99 $149.99 More
MD Moldova MDL5216.79 MDL2608.31 More
MC Monaco €246.41 €123.20 More
MN Mongolia ₮855972.17 ₮427971.82 More
ME Montenegro €246.41 €123.20 More
MZ Mozambique MT22514.25 MT11256.75 More
NA Namibia N$4466.85 N$2233.35 More
NR Nauru $299.99 $149.99 More
NL Netherlands €246.41 €123.20 More
NZ New Zealand NZ$417.51 NZ$208.75 More
NE Niger CFA161633 CFA80814 More
MK North Macedonia den15197.31 den7598.40 More
NO Norway Nkr2547.91 Nkr1273.91 More
PW Palau $299.99 $149.99 More
PA Panama B/.299.99 B/.149.99 More
PG Papua New Guinea K1060.46 K530.21 More
PY Paraguay ₲2060781 ₲1030356 More
PE Peru S/.1090.31 S/.545.14 More
PH Philippines ₱14418.84 ₱7209.18 More
PL Poland zł1118.90 zł559.43 More
PT Portugal €246.41 €123.20 More
RO Romania RON1201.58 RON600.77 More
RW Rwanda FRw295490 FRw147740 More
WS Samoa WS$757.61 WS$378.79 More
SM San Marino €246.41 €123.20 More
SN Senegal CFA161633 CFA80814 More
RS Serbia din29219.03 din14609.03 More
SC Seychelles SRe6361.12 SRe3180.46 More
SL Sierra Leone Le3056506.50 Le1528202.31 More
SG Singapore S$398.54 S$199.26 More
SK Slovakia €246.41 €123.20 More
SI Slovenia €246.41 €123.20 More
SB Solomon Islands SI$2396.43 SI$1198.18 More
ZA South Africa R4546.22 R2273.03 More
KR South Korea ₩331651 ₩165820 More
ES Spain €246.41 €123.20 More
KN St. Kitts & Nevis EC$810.74 EC$405.36 More
LC St. Lucia EC$810.74 EC$405.36 More
VC St. Vincent & Grenadines EC$810.74 EC$405.36 More
SR Suriname Sr$4246.06 Sr$2122.96 More
SE Sweden kr2489.44 kr1244.68 More
CH Switzerland CHF265.56 CHF132.78 More
ST São Tomé & Príncipe $299.99 $149.99 More
TW Taiwan NT$8389.70 NT$4194.71 More
TZ Tanzania TSh695677.38 TSh347827.10 More
TH Thailand ฿8988.24 ฿4493.97 More
TL Timor-Leste $299.99 $149.99 More
TG Togo CFA161633 CFA80814 More
TO Tonga T$686.42 T$343.20 More
TT Trinidad & Tobago TT$2040.11 TT$1020.02 More
TV Tuvalu $299.99 $149.99 More
UG Uganda USh1106590 USh553277 More
GB United Kingdom £219.27 £109.63 More
US United States $299.99 $149.99 More
UY Uruguay $U12654.23 $U6326.91 More
VU Vanuatu VT32341 VT16170 More
VA Vatican City €246.41 €123.20 More
ZM Zambia ZK6405.58 ZK3202.69 More

* All prices displayed on this page may fluctuate daily or hourly depending on the exchange rate. Our baseline is the US dollar. Qualifying participants (educators) receive 50% off our normal rates for life.
§ See eligibility requirements by clicking on the "More" button.

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